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hi everybody Steven here today I'd like to talk to you about product that's just been released called WP video sites there is the plugin that allows you to ranking google and engage your customers using other people's video content now what does that build a video site which you post videos up to and then it also then allows you to post videos as backlinks to those videos using other relevant content

using anchor text and links so those other videos which become video pages will rank in google and then you can send that traffic to your wordpress posts or wherever you want to send them to okay so for example I am promoting cat products to stop you smell when they get your ride on the carpet like oh you're Mentos business simple statins so people would demand to this okay so what I do is

I've built a site and this is the WP site that I have built I built this in about 15 minutes tonight so I haven't had a chance to attend me in the banners I just did the videos quickly to show you how how quick it is to do and if you click on example this one here but they come in you'll see them put a couple banners up here but the video

shows here and then some more banners and then there's some content in here so when they click on I come to this site they will see this example all they might come to the home page it depends where they come to where your links are coming in from okay so these ranked in the search engines very well so we're going to come over this is actually the back end of the plugging

my character back into the site sorry now this is the settings section where this is where the videos are hosted you can actually change it here if you want to and then you feed details it actually has RSS feed for the video sitemap in the main site map your proxy API details the video themes in here colors you can change your subtitles this is actually you'll see what this is when I show you that

she changed background color the text on the post bill I'll show that to you later I actually like to fit this you can have 0 from limits or this is 200 this is actually the transcript that the plug-in calls in from YouTube when it pulls the video in it banners inside bars there's all the banners you can have and you just come into here and it's very easy to do and then

social syndication you can post to tumblr Twitter and Pinterest if you have the advanced version Enterprise version or the basic version you could just post to tumblr now what I do is I'm going to be setting this up tonight where I post a tumblr and they all have IFTTT back profiles in behind that so every time I post I'll get backlinks to the pages and I'm going to set the RSS feeds to come

in so they'll get me RSS backlinks from there so anyone have a drink site okay so what we're actually going to do now is to come into WP sites in here there's actually some of the pages that I've really built tonight but what we're actually going to do we're going to build some more page but we're not going to look at your I'm going to actually do Canon cameras okay we're going to

build one with a couple of Canon cameras and I'll show you how to optimize your pages properly okay so we go add posts okay and we go import posts now we just want to do two posts for now okay so we'll just import two posts to it this gives me post one and post it so what's the stays up up there's nothing done there they're just tokens at the moment it's okay so

we go to youtube now this is the enterprise version so you can actually put a channel URL it or you can put search in here but what I'm actually going to do I'm going to put a channel because what you do is you go to I do they go back one here I did a search in YouTube for Canon cameras okay and what I do is the filter I set it

at playlist okay and I came down here and I thought this guy he looks pretty good so I come into here and then I've gone over here and I need to find his playlist into here okay what you can do also is you can actually put a search term in here but we'll do that occasion because only the body will buy the enterprise version but if it was the other one you'd put

him in here and you could set up say 20 or 30 hundred posts and put them in one two or three a day and it will post them all about before you book we're going to go this way okay so cameras okay and we'll do a search cuz everybody will buy the advanced version okay so what it's done we're going to pick this one here this one here okay so and then

what we do is we add them okay so now it brings us back to this page here and you see we've got post 1 and post too ok so what we're going to work on post 1 first of all so what I do is we come down here you can see the cameras here and you can see that we have bought this content in from YouTube okay so what I first

of all do is I get the heady and I copy it and then I make myself up a notepad document and I put it in there okay so I'll take out the Tech Talk for a moment now which camera should I buy for beginners that's because what I'm doing is as you can as you can are Shane is sick is I want to set up a meta description here so place that in

here and then what I'm also going to do is already going to cap your own but I'm going to put a canon camera okay so that's now Bingham Canon camera okay so and then what I'm also going to do then to is copy the title again copy it then I'm going to come down here and I'm going to go below the video and I'm going to go paste and then I'm going to come

up here and go h2 okay it gives us that gives us our first bang YouTube will see your video or Google will see a tear first which camera should I buy for beginners okay now if we look in here it does bring the context of the Enya but sometimes it's it's not quite good enough so we've really got to go through and look at it and spread down a little bit and

make it look real good now we've got this it's in yellow we can go into settings us and we can make it white if you want to and change this to whatever color you want you can make it blue you can make it purple you can make it whatever you wanted to okay I can see how I'm editing you see at the moment now we can change this move this down the

bottom here for example okay and move this dance really up to you how you just want to optimize this please rent very very quickly so and then because example go and we could say make it we could always say link that you know mean so now it's a link back I mean this president made the video so doesn't happen link back to them see so we've got this here we've got our

description done we've got our tired I've got it done so and then if you want so you can actually put a battery in here that will just show on this page okay so we could publish it on the 5th of May so go whatever you want to publish what's today today is 214 to the fifth or so you can go from there and then what you have to do remember is apply changes

okay so if you don't apply changes and you go to the next one all this will disappear you'll have to come back a different amp thing again okay so we could go to post two and we could do the same to that okay we put it h1 tag in me move it all around so this brings in 202 sometimes you do have to take you do have to fix it up

a little bit I'm not going to do this what I've shown you how to do another one so we'll go in from here so what we'll do is we'll now will post these or post clever look have a look you know post so I'll just do the minute the tag here and then you can I'll come in later on fix this up I'm not going to go for another one I'm taking

too long put some other things I want to show you as well it submit okay we'll go okay see that was because I I didn't hit apply changes okay so now they're in here and them in here and if we go to the misty gray and what I did is I went and bought of go into here will see Canon cameras and then his their Canon cameras in here and you can

change these up here as well for that if you want to but what I went and get is a wet and border expired domain which had a really good page ranking and net to help it boost so it didn't cost him much at all so come into here and you can see that what I've done is because these is in here but yes when what you do is when you come

into either settings you can change the banners in here you change it to what's what's it what page you want to go on to so you can have Canon cameras on on on on Canon pages and cut you on on other ones so that's how you change it in there okay so it's quite easy to change so this is how you change it going down yet and you're fine which page it

is and you just change these banners and so you can see here which camera should you buy Tech Talk and it looks quite good what you could also do is use article builder which I do as well and some of them is I put an article in above here but you can actually with the Enterprise version set it and if you put the content automatically in there for you as well so we're

going to go back into w3 sites okay I'm going to show you one more thing before I show the sales page so we're going to here this is the post we did we can actually see how this is like this it's got all this you can check come in here and change your permalinks and so you could take out that and then you've got Canon whatever it is all right you know

making a change in my description here as well so the page then becomes this one I didn't change my description I you have to come here and change this as well so and he hit saved and you could come in give them with modifying sorry in here as well okay so in changing my description check in here you could do sort of thing for your permalinks and if you don't like you

do a bit more modifications in here as well okay so we just submit that right so I've shown you the site the camber one we've got here this is the heavy going down here cat your right so you can have whatever you wanted different categories or I'm actually going to be build this one as a pet site to cut your ride and then head of train your cat not too to spray and

going to make it a cat a catch sight but I just shown you the Canon one you can change it up here but banners up here you can pretty much do anything with it now this is that what you do is once you this is that the training you get when you buy best practices each one of these is about 15 20 minutes long so it goes into quite a lot of

details about how it works or not some of the products your buyer two-minute videos or some of these things at 15 minutes logon and he shows you quite a strategies here how to select the video posts and then to WordPress post and then to your home page to get your posts to to rank really good in the search engines very quickly so it teaches you how to do this sort of stuff Abbess

has been around for long time I buy a lot of his products and they're really good is this not a product me you're buying with a day later you're reading up saying asked of email it's not work it's not work it says this is it's as a very his products are very good so this is the sales page you go to when you click the link below this video it tells you

a bit more the video sites think coming down it just a fair beyond this page I'm going down to the price at the moment for you you'll see here how you bring all these profiles in behind it and this is what I do i use IFTTT profiles and you sit and forget they combined quite quick quite cheaply and you just set them up and when you post a video post you ought

to maybe post to all these places in here and it helps your page rank a lot quicker so you can use yo SS feeds for that and what's go into a blogger and then that might go to a tumblr that might go to Pinterest and am I going to Twitter and they rank really well okay so we're moving it way down here the price is going up every now and then every few

sales well as ones where you are you price goes up like is 20 dollars and four cents at the moment domi surprised it was 23 24 because it every six copies left at this price so I reckon if you like I reckon you should go and have a look at this you will get a very good product and if you have a problem Abbas's always on skype Facebook and eat pretty much

there all the time so I don't think you'll have a problem with to do whatever problem with the product so and this is my review so hopefully I'll see you later on good bye


WpVideoSites ReviewTo Visit My Bonus Page CLICK HEREhi everybody Steven here today I'd like to talk to you about product that's just been released called WP video sites there is the plugin that allows you to ranking google and engage your customers using other people's video content now what does that build a video site which you post videos up to and then it also then allows you to post videos as backlinks to those videos using other releva...