Social media marketing plan training & tutorial with top social media marketing strategies

Social media marketing plan training & tutorial with top social media marketing strategies

"hi there Hawaii I've got a real great treat for you today this is going to be a video on social media marketing but not you're not your typical social media marketing this may be something that professionals do professional agencies do and people who are the top tier 1 percent of this festival social media marketers this is this is what they do and this is what you learn in this

video so let's get started so first of all what not to do right so who are the 99 percent who failed or who get very mediocre results well they're kind of first-timers right people who are new to it or people who never kind of get gain experience enough enough experience really to become pros at it and most people who are first-time marketers are first-time entrepreneurs if you ask them what's your marketing strategy like

you know what how are you gonna promote your product and they'll tell you almost an identical line and you know see if see if this is a line that you might say it as well they say I'm gonna promote my business on Facebook Twitter business cards and Mark in fires right or some variation of that may be one of those predators is sometimes missing from their sentence but generally that's what they say does

that sound like maybe something like you say well so we're talking about social media marketing so the first half of that that Facebook and Twitter that's fine and but let me tell you what's going to happen you'll promote your business on you know you'll post to your facebook friends hey guys come buy my product visit my website like my stuff whatever you'll do the same on Twitter that is going to take you exactly

one minute then what right so that's fine but then what right and so many people don't think quite past that because they think like well maybe people will retweet me we share me and I'll go viral and maybe I'll ask my friends to reshare and they last friends through sure no that's not gonna happen you're going to get three people visiting your site getting confused and leaving right away and that's going to be

the end of that so you've got a ride right from there you've gotta have a strategy that's way better like orders of magnitude better and more professional because you want to have a long-term sustaining source of traffic from social media and this is what we're going to cover what you want to do is you want to position yourself as an expert okay this is a long-term sustainable strategy you want to position yourself as

an expert what you don't want to do is you know they won go like hey guys buy my stuff so you're gonna be in sell mode of course you know as an intrapreneur I know you are in sell mode you got us help you gotta pay the bills your company needs to grow but that's not how things work right people are already departed with products and advertisements they don't need you I think

the new the new be with your product which you're excited about but they're not so it's you gotta provide value first and so you can't just go out there and say sales on sale buy my product here's the link can't really do that which you could go is a start to provide value so whatever your business is whatever your business niche is maybe you're right tutorials on the subject or maybe you write

blog post and you provide insight and get people to sort of read it and learn from you or you know enjoy your content and the other way you know I don't know what to content my deep it's entertainment they should be entertained if it's something serious they should be maybe educated you know something right where they get value and this is really the start of it right because well why should they listen to

you right there's many people probably talking about some whatever you know you're in the topics in your niche so why should this people listen to you right and this is why you need to position yourself as an expert which you need to become an expert or you actually should already be an expert in whatever area your business and which you are you know creating your business because why are you the person creating the

business right you must have some expertise right and of course as you grow this business you'll become more and more of an expert but certainly you want to position yourself that way because if people see you as an expert I'll trust you they'll listen to you they'll buy it from you more and your voice will be just more influential like they'll listen to you more attentively they'll engage with your products they'll share you

know everything will happen easier if you're seen as the expert and I'll explain shortly how how to position yourself as an expert so let's come it a little bit and now just wanted to cover why it's important to position yourselves an expert so the first easiest strategy is to be in becoming an expert right because when you're an expert again you get all the trust in the world all that is to interact with

expert right and everyone's on social media right in almost every industry there are the top tier people the experts who are on social media they're on Twitter they're on facebook they probably have a you know they probably very have a presence on youtube or a podcast or any you know they probably are participating heavily in different media this is actually why they are already perceived as the experts because they are a little bit ahead

of you and creating a big online presence where everybody has quite a smaller online presence sees them as you know kind of like the go-to person right and you can interact with these go to people and you know sometimes if you if you're new you know you've gotta give them value right because they already they are already established your new don't go like I need help promote my stuff please please don't do

that that's the desired disaster because they get a ton of these I personally get a ton of these things and they are annoying because it's like every time I think why doesn't this person think a little bit harder where you know I get like a bunch of emails like hey I need to write a business plan help me with my business I've never met or heard from this person before I love like

what you know so every expert ended up more the bigger the expert is the more of these crazy emails they get so you've got to stand up you've got to be the one who provides value either maybe you don't do anything crazy like you can start coming to know their blog post under tweets following that we're sharing them and just get on their radar get them to recognize you get them to like sometimes

they'll talk back to you know sometimes they'll reply um sometimes you can write blog post like why i love the advice from person XYZ and then send it to person XYZ so they'll be like oh that's a nice blog post and they might post that and they might retweet that and they might share it to their audience like I had a funny I had a funny video one time I was interviewing a

financial you know business business lawyer and we can see started talking about Suze Orman why everybody loves just warmin and that was part of the interview and I cut that interview and I made a video on youtube about it like why everybody I think it was something like why everyone's mom loved Suze Orman because I my mother loves his you warm on the person that was interviewing that person's mom loves you sooo Orman

so we made a video why uh everybody loved why everybody's mom loves Suzy Orman and we send it to Suze Orman on Twitter and she's got like almost 2 million followers right and and engaged followers and she retweeted it and we got like a thousand views on this video in like an hour or something or maybe a couple of hours right so it was a crazy video and I was like wow

this is amazing so you can do stuff like that I mean I never really interacted with suze orman after that but this is an example of what you can do but generally you got to interact with a lot of people and you know the biggest experts there sometimes hard to get a hold of and the heart you know it's hard to get their time but you should certainly interact with our your business

peers so other people just like you who are maybe a little bit earlier starting or the same starting at the same time you need to make friends with them and you know make concrete good business connection to them because they can promote you on their media channels and you can promote them on your media channels and then you guys work together help each other grow and you know and I here I'm coming

to a really important point when I say media channels right because think about 20 years ago yeah if you wanted to have a TV show no way you're going to get a TV show a radio show probably no way your own newspaper or we no way right I mean it was impossible it was really impossible but with the internet and especially in the last few years this stuff has gotten what's called democratize you

want to have a radio show start a podcast you can get more listeners than most of your local radio stations if you stick with it we want to have a TV show start a YouTube channel you can easily become bigger than CNN if you're good if you automatically long-term become good one on how a newspaper yep start a blog and write and write insightful things and people will read you like they would

read a journalist so this wasn't an option before now it is right so now you have a business your business should have at least one media channels okay you should have a presence on at least one large media channel this can be a podcast this can be a youtube this can be anything else right maybe a large blog for a large website something because once you have that it's an invaluable resource not just

for you to get traffic and customers and things like that but then you can say to anyone else hey I would like to give you promotion to my million like listeners or whatever you know just just as an example would you like to appear in my show Suze Orman or any other big-name person and they'll be like wow this person I don't know this person but they're inviting you on their show and

I'm going to get exposure to a million people or like a hundred thousand people or some large number and so why not do it right guess and guess what happens when they appear on your show you speak to them for like an hour you kind of get to know each other you this is the start of your own business relationship and then all of a sudden you're interacting with these experts right so

and then long-term they might give you the city right and then people who see that they do you like wow this person is interacting with some big name people they must know something I don't this this person must be an expert right because you're hanging out with experts that's what your media channel gives you gives you a way to interact with expert to be seen as next to experts to network with them and

to be seen because you're next to experts to also be seen as an expert and then people wanna then people who are smaller than you or just starting or who are not using this kind of smart strategy they're gonna be like looking up to you and be like wow this guy's pretty good or this girl I wanna hang out with them I wanna interact with them I want to hear their show

I need to do them some favors so you'll get a lot of like favors and people healthy news just so you can happen on your show things like that right so this is a really important of have you know having your own kind of big social presence because people will want that because they will see you as as promotion for them as publicity for them and you'll be able to use it in

many creative ways to get advantages also of course what's really going to come out of it and one of this is another one of the brilliant things that are going to come out of it if you build an audience right you've got let's say you've got edit a youtube channel or a podcast well you have regular viewers you were spending you knew new people finding you every day so what happens you've gotta

convert some of these guys into fans then subscribe to you who need to give you their email and things like that so you kind of do the small community or a large community of people who are fans who follow your show follow your work who learn from you and then anytime you need some help like promotion you have a new product out anything you want to announce well you have a small army

of people who are already your fans right so is the other really powerful thing about building a community Rita started building like a list of fans building your own sort of fan base is that these are this is your little army of course you provide them a ton of value this is why they they like you but the more they like you the more value provided to them the more they trust you

and the more they started to help you whenever you need help or if you have any product out you're selling something they're gonna be more likely to buy it because they're listening to you because you're the expert because they trust you they already got a lot from you they like you and so why not right so you're like a nada you're not a car salesman you're a good salesman right you're selling them something

they probably also need so you want to build an audience oh the great things that if you really come out of building your own media channels is that you've got this great community of yours they're your own community and it gives you this access to you know you it makes you more attractive to celebrities to come to you or you know celebrities in your business niche like thought leaders people with their own

big audiences and you want other people to other people will come to you to interact with you because they want a piece of your audience right they see you as advertising and so you got a lot of power another amazing benefit of having sort of your own you know now at the point of this sort of Todd your honor your understanding the value of like building your own big channel the media channel social

media and there's another great benefit is that let's say that you start networking with different other shows other people other business people well what's going to happen is you're going to get mentioned a lot right you're going to get linked to your website is going to get linked to a lot you're going to get shared on social media a lot guess what that's going to do that's going to directly benefit you for SEO

search engine optimization right you're going to get all the social sharing and all the links from other sites called backlinks that you'll ever need for a co-write and you need to hire an SEO company you might have to hire an airport or at least learn su a little bit yourself so that you get it right but the core fundamentals of it some of the toughest pieces of that puzzle will be automatically solve for

you just because of all that buzz you're getting from your show from other from appearing on that people shows from getting links to from blogs things like that so you actually going to have the SEO strategy almost taken care of for you long term which is fantastic right and of course the more your own pages or content is shared the better that stuff starts to rank in Google and then so then you

get even more traffic right so for example let's say that you have a big audience and you make a new web page and a lot of people come to it and because they are engaged audience of yours they're going to share it they're going to like it they're going to do whatever the action you need will help you and because of that it's going to shoot your social sharing into the roof and

it's going to help you rank in Google right so your social media if you do it right if you do the social like list building or if you build a fan base for your show or a media channel you will actually get this a little army to help you with your SEO which which really takes care of your a whole other side of your marketing which is unbelievable unbelievable stuff so that's how

that works right you'll get your SEO covered which is like amazing now there are um now I want to talk about you know what are the social media sites on which you should invest your time because different businesses they need to invest in different social sites there are way too many social site for you to invest in all of them to invest your time at all of them because you need to build

a really big presence and that actually is time consuming it's not easy um even before I actually get into this what strategy that's amazing if you are truly providing a very good content enmity and whatever you're doing if it's truly good you can grow your presence in every social media if you're so good that people are naturally sharing your content okay you don't have to share the content on any where people will just

go you know one person likes facebook so they don't share on Facebook and other personal chair linkedin on interest so you have everything covered and then the natural we sharing will start happening because but for that you have when you have to have a very large initial audience base and the content has to be truly good right but this is but if you can pull this off this is the best of all

worlds because you don't even have to promote anything no social media people will do it for you right but you know of course that's not something you have a start at the start you've got to do your own push and you know how to decide from Twitter Facebook Google+ Pinterest LinkedIn maybe read it maybe you know your own blog is a social media channel as well and don't forget like forums and different linkedin

and facebook groups I mean that's where your community hangs out you know and you've gotta be present the way you decide is really you know you gotta take only a couple of the main ones because you really don't have the time especially in beginning to invest a lot of time and resources and all of them and just choose the ones that I think you're going to get either the most exposure or where

you're certain that your target audience hangs out right so you know like Pinterest is known for attracting feet a female-centric maybe professional audience right maybe if your product is a fit for that then that's where you that um if your product is visual pinterest might be good for you youtube might be good for you if it's something informative youtube might be good for you a blog might be good for you the podcast might be

good for you so it really depends on the kind of the nuances of your business you just got to choose between the social networks on which you want to be and never forget the groups and actually the actual interaction because a part of for me a part of positioning yourself as an expert is helping people who are not experts right so you want to interact on forums on communities on groups and enter people's

questions and help them because others many many others for every question you answer and actually I forgot another side is quora which is actually a place where you can answer questions and I personally love that time but for every question you answer yeah you help one person but maybe over time hundreds of people or thousands will read your answer and so you actually are getting exposure to a very large amount of people even

though you're just really answering one question so it's sometimes it's hard to see the immediate value but certainly and these are people in your industry so the people in your industry seeing you as the expert answering questions and helping others which also helps position you in DC in a positive life you're a good person you're helping others you spending your time for free so that's another kind of arm of social media where you want

to position yourself as an expert and also choose your social networks correctly so now I want to kind of talk about strategies that work ok what's going to really drive volume like get you really large scale of people ok because you really don't want to invest a lot of time and then get only a few people or insufficient volume of people to really come and check out your stuff so first of all

no matter what I almost almost almost no matter what you're doing in being entertaining helps you being funny people love humor they love learning when there is humor involved they love watching things that are not boring that are funny right I mean maybe I haven't been finding enough here maybe if I was funnier maybe it would be more entertaining but you guys understand I mean if I mean this is kind of a

time trying to go point by point but certainly entertaining things catchy being they will get you more exposure the same content but just it made it more entertaining more funny ways it will just do better right people will share that kind of stuff more cuz that's funny stuff especially especially get shared more is you know um and so that's that's one strategy that's really great just be entertaining and be funny and as as much as

possible without taking away from the quality of the content in the same way you know your narrative should also add quality right so like if you're a podcaster you should have experience talking to people and like talk me the radio experience would be fantastic so you should have a cone like kind of a good smooth voice that the people like listening to and that you know get your voice is pleasant people don't

mind staying on the line and listening to you from many hours and different episodes right so that's what you wanted to say for YouTube you know I'm here watching this on youtube so i don't know about my voice another my face um you know I love that I love to use the joke like you've got a face for radio right I get I try to use that every time I can but

anyway I digress um if you're doing video alright you should also present things well and I don't know if i preside things well I'm a little bit about like my background is not a video audio video so I'm learning as I go um if you see my earliest videos you would know I've come a long way even though I still have a long way to go hopefully you're enjoying this I mean you're

watching now so it can't be that bad if you stuck with me for a while already in this video so anyway but basically you should be able to should be good at your meeting right if you're if you're writing a lot of blog content should certainly be a good writer breakout a good writer right so things like that I mean whatever your media channel that you choose to invest in um you should

be you should add to the quality and you get more traffic and more sharing if you actually are talented or can learn to become good at that media channel if it's presenting on audio as a podcast or if this video or if it's bought a writer you know blogging things like that you should certainly become good at presenting the kind of media that you're presenting that's going to go a very long way and

of course you want to obviously come across as nice friendly approachable you know not a jerk right open honest so that DVD have a good air about you right like I mean you don't want to listen to a jerk right like i was i found some podcast recently i was looking for a new podcast loose into it there was this guy who his his schtick his contact for a show was kind

of like his cranky and I don't know I just didn't resonate with me I don't know I like to listen to these people and I think many others are like that too so you should certainly be like that and one thing that I already alluded to in that you should you know always keep in mind is building an audience I mentioned it many times but if you don't ultimately build a foundation an audience

of fans the whole social has been missing and the whole extra social sharing and social recommendation and people coming and watching your stuff or viewing or reading yourself regularly that's going to be gone and um it's just going to be more of an uphill battle whenever you need to promote anything you're not going to have a good base right so they're the people have to be not just discovering you but they have to

engage with you and the way you get people to engage it's not easy he takes sometimes several interactions before a person wants to subscribe or before you know person really takes action to buy a product so um you know it's a very sensitive thing you've got to really come across well and provide a lot of value so that people stick around and once they stick around they kind of that's the process of

them become an another part of your audience and after a while I'll start to like you and then they'll kind of be got start to know you even though you might not know that because they're just feel you know quietly not commenting or anything but they'll start to feel like they know you and then they'll get more comfortable with you trust you and things like that and then they become audience and then you

get all the powerful things out of kind of sort of having them follow you and becoming part of your audience one thing that many people are sometimes skeptical about again or they don't necessarily want to do is people have to you have to provide a lot of value again for free on social media it's almost a must right so if you're teaching something you've gotta give real inside otherwise people will get annoyed

if you be entertaining you've got to be really entertaining because there's so many entertaining options right if you if you were doing anything else I mean you've got to really do it to a high degree of quality because if you just go halfway like provide sound information but really keep the rest secret yeah it's good from your sales strategies because you can say well you'll get all the secrets in my course or whatever

but really what's going to happen people arms gonna like they're not going to trust you because they see that you know you could be in a car salesman with them right you know it's kind of like us people get turned off from that some people it works to sell to some people by the lining will get turned off from that so a generally good strategy is to provide a lot of value for

free bill fans right because when you provide the dolly for free that's when you build the fans don't provide that all you for free if you're like sell sell sell then the fam building isn't happening and it's you know things are hard right so I do recommend that you are in China providing a lot of value for free you don't want to give away everything everything but certainly keep in mind that over delivering

and providing a lot of value is the way to go because there's a lot of people from other things you really have to stand out as a good quality player in this and while I'm on the topic of what works in social media one way you get more exposure and by the way if you want more exposure if you want a kind of forgot to mention earlier I have a full course on

how to really promote your business it's like has 11 hours of tutorials and over 120 s distinct tutorials on different outfits covers s y'all cover social media in more depth like here I'm talking about social media strategies but in the course actually show you how to execute those strategies and so just a lot of a lot of content it's a five-hundred-dollar course i'm going to leave a link to the course in the description of

this video with a big big discount okay so you don't have to pay that crazy price um but it does offer a lot of value like if you're getting a lot of value from this video you'll be blown away by the course because you know hopefully we won't get sick of me of this video plus the course but you know it is a long time of listening to me I don't know

if I could do it but hopefully you can do it and but you will certainly know how to exactly promote your business and you'll be really smart about all the strategies and the course is about how I reach the million people with my marketing strategies and I teach you how to do the same and like who doesn't want to reach a million people of course you do so anyway I'll leave a link

to the description of that and the reason I got reminded of that is because one thing I talk about in the course and one thing I want explain now is hashtag marketing right how to be smart about it you know hashtags for those people who don't know are things like you don't like you might see on Twitter and Facebook basically like a hash and then some key word right and basically you know

Bruce Lee touch on it here in the course I talk a lot more about it and something really insider strategy scored but here it's essentially you know it's another way for you to get discovered so you certainly need to use hashtags they're kind of like people it's almost like people search and browse through them right so if you know like my hash tags because I my business is focused on helping intrapreneurs my hashtags

are like intrapreneurship small business marketing things like that and they will find me quite often and this is a way to through those hashtags they find me through those hashtags and it's a way to amplify your reach it's a really nice way to amplify your reach and what happens when you amplify your reach more people to you or people retweet you will share you write all that good stuff starts happening so it just

amplifies your already growing reach because which makes it accelerate which is great so you know I can't get too much into hashtag marketing here because it's a kind of a wide topic I mean I would have to get distracted from the main point of the video but certainly it's something for you to look into and maybe Google around if you don't really get the course it's not necessary to get the course but certainly

it's a.m. it's a very smart thing to do you should not do social media marketing without being kind of good at hashtags because hashtags can really amplify your reach and as one of the you know we're kind of coming to an end then I really want to give you more more good stuff so think about this and this is a strategy that I use all the time think about this right social media

well let's take maybe youtube or podcasts how do how do you discover podcasts how do you discover YouTube channels to watch this one you put this YouTube for example probably chances very big chance is that you searched on YouTube for something related right obviously there can be people recommending things to you you might have already been a subscriber reminded youtube so I don't know how you come to it but there's a large chance that

well forget this example but there's generally on YouTube a lot of content happens to discovery research the content discovery happens research same with podcasts right how do people find it well sometimes you can recommend things but a lot of it a lot of the podcast discovery happen research and what you have to do is you know gain kind of get to understand the algorithms of those social channels sometimes the algorithms are complicated like on

YouTube I'll tell you there are multiple algorithms right there's one algorithm for search ranking there's another algorithm for getting you know on the side there's like the other recommended videos that's a whole other of algorithms that YouTube like takes into account and then there's an algorithm for like after the video plays they recommend you of another set of videos and then there's a few other more minor ones so you see and then there's how

playlists play into it and all that so you see this is actually a lot that goes into just it's actually all very complex and algorithms that YouTube has and that you should really be aware right because it's going to affect your discovery right it's gonna affect whether people are discovering your content on YouTube and you should firmly maximize it so certainly you know on social channels there is a large component of search very

large component of search and what you want to do is really get the most out of it and neither search but actually search and another related algorithms like like the recommendations so essentially search searchsearch searchsearch we make your social media efforts oh come alive it's going to be really an extra boost and an extra amplifier of your social efforts we cannot look like that that's also going to be huge for you so that's

kind of did I mean now you understand what you really got it right on a high level you gotta build an audience you've got to deal with your media channels you can interact with your business peers and business commuters and it's going to make you appear as the business to business leader and it's going to drive like this is essentially the way to win this is how your business wins right you're usually will

be seen above others you will have reach way bigger than others in terms of marketing every day and that's just the winning strategy right and you know so that's how you you know get too much I couldn't get into specifics because it's just you know I would have it was covering this from such a broad level like I mentioned earlier if you want to get this if you want to get the specifics of

how to do this of every step essentially what you want to do is maybe trying my course you know I'll have a big discount at a link with a big discount in the description of this video I'm so give it a try I also have the book on the same topic although the course kind of goes into more detail but anyway I'll have it in the book and the course they're essentially how

to reach a million people um because that's what you want for your business right I mean it really depends on what your business is but if it's a restaurant you're not going to be able to fit all those people in there but generally you want to reach as many people as possible and I teach you how to do that anyway I hope that this was really insightful and helpful for you I really

tried to make it that way um I hope that if you discover this video that you'll give me a thumbs up on youtube click the little thumbs up I really like those and of course that you subscribe this channel and keep in touch with me and you'll get more videos from me I actually put out a video k every day and I didn't do that for a while now have enough 700

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on show more in the video and i'll post a bunch of resources and throw notes and all that kind of stuff in there so anyway publish was insightful and helpful for you and i'll hopefully see you in my next video right

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