SEO search engine optimization training tutorial beginner and advanced

SEO search engine optimization training tutorial beginner and advanced

"hi there how are you this is going to be a fantastic SEO video this is probably going to be on the long side but I'm going to cover everything you need to know about SEO I'm going to look I'm going to cover a little bit of history a little bit of the background so that even beginners can sort of follow along but then I'm going to get into

really good tactics for how you can rank almost just about any page in top ten a Google panic and dominate Google and really some really advanced stuff right so stick around it the video is going to be on the long side but that people is going to be packed jam-packed with great great stuff so let's get started so why SEO why ah well there's a good reason because the the strength of it

and this is not going away this is this is always an indication will be the case that when people type something into Google they are telling you exactly what they want at exactly the time they need it and that's incredibly powerful because if you think about maybe your own choppy habits what was the last time you bought something maybe bought a piece of clothing right well if somebody said was waving in the street

and was saying hey I got this folding well probably at that moment you do mean that thing right so the combination of the just the right timing with just the right eep person's intent it's very powerful because that person is ready to you know if it's a product they ready to buy if its content that they are ready to consume that content so people who come for ku come from SEO generally convert

into customers into something lucrative into some transactions far higher than maybe people browsing on facebook or maybe other social media you know maybe there are exceptions to the rule but in general that's why SEO is so coveted another reason is he rose for coveted is that if your page rank in Google let's say as long as it breaks maybe brains this whole year maybe two years maybe five years maybe your whole life well

as long as it rains it will continue to bring your clients and after you build that page once it breaks you don't really to do anything right so it's very kind of passive whereas if you were advertising the social media you always have to be advertising like hey buy my stuff buy my stuff click my link and as soon as you stop promoting then it's sort of like the traffic sort of stops you know

in a large way of course again you know the web is complacent there exceptions the rule but generally that's how it is so this is why I cos powerful get great clients for a long time right so that's a that's exactly what you want and let me take a little bit about the history of it and how we've come you know become a kind of quite fired you know SEO has been

around for 20 years now in the beginning nobody kind of got it right is many people who were building search understood the people actually most people who are greatest heroes now they kind of discovered a CO and this was also true for me by simply whenever they put in their first website and they installed google analytics these time is noticing immediately that people were coming to their site by searching for weird terms you

know just like maybe they wrote an article about XYZ and people started searching for the topic and they were coming to that side and some people like wow I can actually get traffic so easily and then the light bulb goes off in their head and then they become a CEO machines and they realize well if I just didn't even focus on it what if I really focus on it and really maybe I

can grow a business out of it and so actually many many people do precisely that and grew big businesses just SEO and SEO is if you can get it to work for you it's fantastic if you can really get it to work for you there is no better marketing strategy as may be really really high end publicity maybe really really really incredibly smart social media but pound for pound if you can get a

CEO to work you can get great great clients and do the business so that's what many people do and of course since many people did that many more people wanted to do that so they're kind came a flood of people who were doing SEO and then SEO started to become competitive and then people started to shout out compete each other and this is where you know in the beginning they could play by

the rules and then once it became competitive people had to start to bend the rules so they became this concept of white hat which means like you're playing by the rules gray have your kind of bending the rules a little bit and black hat who you're really bending the rules and its really unethical and generally frowned upon right but as long as you can get your blackheads stuff to work your shit like a

strategies to work you know people might tell you are ethical but here you are building a business right so you know who's to judge other than you know maybe being careful Google penalties I mean we'll get into that the second but anyway um now I think people take generally white head great head black cat with a kind of a grain of salt I mean we've all sort of had to bend the rules

if we really cared and were creative about growing our business so anyway so there was a proliferation of people doing SEO and one of the things about SEO one of the really and actually one of the things that really made Google stand out right why why Google wasn't the first search engine so why we did the best well they were the best because their search engine and this is like late 90s had

this they have this revolutionary approach to search where they actually brought crawl they had they had a computer that probe the entire web and looked at which site were linking to which other sites so link is almost like a vote right so if you're if one side gets linked to a lot well that probably means that it's an authoritative source so that I people are linking to it for a reference or you know

it's as opposed to if a site gets with no links then it's kind of like a new site or maybe owner doesn't care about it a lot so so you can google was able to tell like links are kind of votes of quality right because you the link to bad sites you with links to good site spread as may be a good resource something a good content good product he would live

to those things and that's what Magel so good right did they were they realize the links were kind of like votes and if you took the links in mass you can really tell which I to the best and not and people quickly cut out into it and they started building links unnaturally right so maybe paying people or doing anything else you know basically you know unnatural link building right um as long as it

was like under google radar google didn't detected and if that works for a long time many years and of course now it doesn't work so simply now what you've gotta do is really the links are still important they're still a very big part of making your website and individual pages rank in Google but now it's not the only factor now it's a little less important it's still important but now the links are

like link building is more complicated because now the links have to come from other authoritative site and relevant sites right so you know you don't want to have a link from you know it's better to have one link from like CNN or TechCrunch or some other big reputable website as opposed to 10,000 links that are like from spam 123 com right so so links were and still are a huge part of Google's algorithm

but but I'll get into link building a second um I just wanted to explain how the history of search sort of evolved and what ended up happening through time and really where we are now right now we are you know searches evolved it's complex and any that you manipulate be better believe it you know whether it's a link where there's something else you better believe that Google knows what you're up to because there

they have the some of the smartest people working for over a decade on algorithm fraud the detection and things like that so you're not an ounce market okay so we've covered why it so powerful why you want now let's kind of get back to the basics right there's two parts of SEO the stuff you do on your page it's called the on-page SEO it's actually simpler to execute and then there is off

page SEO that's kind of like the link building a letter and other strategies so let's talk about these right what really goes into on-page SEO and this is easier for you to do because you don't have a nice anyone for permission because it's your website you can do anything you want to it right so it's basically for your entire website and your individual pages it's very important that you choose the right keywords right

because what are people going to search people are going to search you know different keywords and they search the keywords and they come to that page right if your pages about that topic right so let's say that you wanted to write for shoes right it's very very lucrative search bread more like sneakers nike sneakers very very lucrative search because obviously I people search that and then a lot of commerce happens so which would

have to you have to make a page about Nike sneakers okay I mean you have to make a pretty incredible page to have a chance to ranked in top 10 on google because it's such a competitive term and I'll get into that a little bit and I'm going to use this nike sneakers as an example for everything for everything for whenever I talk about any topic all users nike sneak your search example because

it's such a difficult search and it's a nearly impossible search terms ring for but you see how if it is possible you'll see how in this video and i'll go through what you can do throughout so anyway so Italy we've got the key words right Thank You shoes but we should not stop there right keywords can be long tail and short tail meaning nike shoes and pay attention this is important like issues is

it considered a short tail term right it's a very short term it's a little bit of a general term use what kind of like issues sneakers for tennis for running for basketball right it's a little bit amel specific so the fire by the way maybe that doesn't know exactly what they want so they're not exactly a great buyer because they did not ready to buy like if the buyer search for something red

Nike sneakers basketball shoes size Bob Jordans a year 2015 okay that model that person knows exactly what they want right so all you have to do is just have that on your side step up that page itself right because that's the product exactly they wanted right and that's a long tail keyword can see how Maggie keywords a short tail keyword and blah blah blah nike 2015 George air jordan's basketball that's a long

tail keyword but guess what people who search people rarely search for you no not really but you would think that people search intelligently like in dramatically correctly by Nike issues or Nike sneakers or whatever but a lot of people they search for like weird convoluted combinations of words so here is the first real inside the game you always want to have a page that are going to a floor tailed term just in case but

targets also many many many many different combinations of long tail keywords just like I described right blue red green okay colors sizes right year 2015 that so maybe air jordans maybe another basket ever actually maybe you want to have a pig in a pole star whatever whatever the relevant keywords are for that term I mean you want to kind of like have a bigger page so that you gonna have enough keywords in there

of the enough words on your page so that Google can sort of maybe you're not gonna rank immediately for nike shoes but you actually very well may rank for a lot of the longer tail keyword and if you do that people will start coming to your side and people are giving a good experience google will start to rank you higher and higher for more competitive terms right so a little triple of traffic will

actually go a long way to eventually getting your site or at age to rank for more complex terms right so this is inside number one that's really important you can mind as we go forward yeah now just keywords are fine if you can you can rank web page or website if you are not in a competitive niche you can rank a page or website easily with just on-page SEO if you're not

at a competitive niche now if you're in a competitive niche like shoes like nike shoes you wanna do you need to do more okay so you need to do on page off page SEO and by the way and i'll talk more about on page SEO later i just want to touch on the important elements of on-page SEO are like i said you want to build a good page there are two important meta

tags that you want to include in every page the title tech meta tag and the description meta tag these are things people do not see on your page these are things that Google takes into account their meta tags there are also things that appear in your blurb you know like when you people search and they see the title a little bit of a description that the title of the title type in the

description is a description tag you want to make a keyword rich and attractive attractive for people to see and click on you when they search in google and keyword rich so that Google can take those keywords in to consider because Google ways those keywords that are in your title description tags quite heavily okay you also want to have different kinds of media on your page different kinds of media can be obviously text links to

your other pages links to external pages follows videos embedded powerpoints embedded audio embedded right different reach rich media and different kinds of media make your page look Richard to Google make your page look richer to visitors and because of that the more of using you can get these are quality signals that will help you rank in Google yeah how's that will help people like your page because a lot of modern SEO is about

how are people using your site are they staying around or they're they're leaving and if you give them a great page just stick around and Google will see that they'll be able to monitor that and they'll read your page higher so it's all important right so now we've got the on-page SEO SEO covered on site right now what you want to do let's talk about off page SEO and before off page SEO like

I mentioned was all about building links and you can do even not very planes and you'll still rank very highly but now you've got to be a lot smarter so it's not just about links links are still important right links from other sites that are relevant and you know in content and there are reputable but also you want to be able to have your pages share it on social media you can share

it and get people to reshare it and you can you know obviously it's important to have the social sharing buttons on your website on your page so that people who come to the page will share your content and so Google will see that and the more calm the more they will share and it creates this golden cycle where the more people come people share and you this social sharing and social sharing now is

it really big factor for SEO and the four sides for social sites that are very important for cor facebook twitter google+ and interest those are the four major websites social websites for SEO you want to get people to share your products or share your pages on those those are very important so there's social sharing there is links right venture off page SEO there is also customer behavior right like i mentioned like for example

you know search has to do with intent right so think about it if a person types nike shoes and let's say you are on the fifth page ok Google search results that means you're like 10 / 15 almost nobody goes that far but let's say people page that you didn't find something they liked on the first page second page or third page of the fourth page and they found you in the fifth

page and wow like they like your page more than the other pages right and let's say a lot of people have that experience or at least some well we will think like what people are really liking this page that's very deep in our search let's rank it higher and the more people will start to find you from that search and the more you like your stage right the more they'll stay on

it they'll give off like positive usability signals and before you know it will say wow this is the coolest page for this search we should really bring this highest right so you want to have the coolest and best and most informative and it was just most helpful page on the top right this is probably the strongest regulars it's your ranking factor and coincidentally you know it's also a potluck / part of that is

on page SEO not just the off page SEO stuff so okay so that's intent you know so those are the three major things linked social sharing intent and really is for because its intent and also its customer behavior right how are they behaving on your side for this Daniel are they stain your stick are they sticking around longer are they browsing a lot of pages or are they clicking back you know the

back button if they click the back button after they came to your site that's not very good right that's not a good sign it's better sign if they stay on your side for a while if this search the browser a page is things like that that's a great time that's what you want people to do and we will see that and rank you higher so those four factors they will go a

very long way and notice that two of those factors are limitless number of links number of social an amount of social sharing those two things and here's how you can rank almost any page okay just keep on building links and sharing socially a page that you want to share okay boost those social signals like and boost that the quality signals right so do build good links link link link link link share share share

share share on social media get other people to share share share and before you know it you'll be pretty high in search results even for very very very competitive searches because this limit was right so I mean just keep on pressing the gas links link things share share share right and of course the trick there is the page really has to be a lucrative page for your business right because you cannot you don't

have enough time or resources to do that for every page but certainly you can do that for the very lucrative pages of your business the ones that really make the ones that really bring the right kind of customers meaning the searches and that really people search for that are prime like really great customers for your potential so those are probably not many pages so you can really focus on them and get traffic and

rank them right so that's how you use the on-page SEO and off-page SEO to really rent your site like really highly I want to also give you a few tips of how to do links because it's not immediately apparent how to build links right the simplest and most brute force way first of all you know ask your cooking even this is this is even the pre efficient strategy right you have any friends

website it doesn't bother it doesn't hurt to ask them to may be linked to you okay probably few that will and probably that won't really help you but it's a good stuff now here's a brute-force way that a brute force strategy that anybody can do okay you write an email like hello I'm working on the side of new I'm really passionate about my business da da da da can you please um maybe

give me a shout out on your blog or your website and because I'm just beginning to grow and you send that to hundreds of bloggers or website owners in your niche like you really have you literally have to go side by side and find the bloggers and your nation contact them this is going to be this is going to take a lot of time this is something you can outsource right you can

hire someone to do this as long as you teach them how to do it correctly so you do that and you'll get a small conversion rate few people will pop reply positively what will influence that as the quality of your site if your site is any good you'll get a far higher chance that the table people will link to you and of course you know if your email is effective that will also

positively increase how people you know if they will link to you would take it you're going to get a high percent success rate so you have an email Angeles people but the email hundreds of people is great because you'll get a bunch of links ultimately and they will help you bring quite a bit that's the brute force way right this is this is a no-brainer strategy it can work for anyone now let's talk

about something a little bit smarter how about a very complicated professional strategy which you want to do is get publicity you can give up Lucy that you can get coverage on you know in blogs in podcasts and news whatever you know you can press releases right as long as you get some kind of publicity on media channels even podcasts they all have dedicated web sites and they'll link to you right that publicity

people will start to link to you and it's publications that are in your industry so it's relevant and they're reputable there are really reputable sites usually so one of those things is worth a lot right because all the links they're worth is all different in terms of how possibly positively they've hacked your site so the publicity is a great great strategy you have to become good publicity I mean that's a skill in itself but

if you can get there you'll get all the links you will ever need and want there is basically another strategy is that you can you should always be building a professional network right so that you can just ask for favor just like you might ask friend but your friends probably don't have websites and write in relevant issues but the people who will have websites in relevant niches are people who do business in your

fuel so you want to network with other professionals in your field network with them well help them so that when you need a link maybe you can just ask them and you know if their connections that they'll happy that we are sometimes happy to help you because they know that you also help them at some point in the future okay so that's how you build links i mean i have by the way

you know i have a lot of link building and things like that and other cash register going more detailed in my online in my big online marketing course you know it covers a lot like it has 11 hours of content and tutorials and stuff like that so if there's anything any topic that you know I'm trying to cover a lot here but obviously I'm not gonna be able to cover everything so

if you're something that you're still wondering or anything I'll have links in the description of this video for both if you need hands-on help how you can contact me and and i'll have a link to my big marketing strategy video sorry marketing strategy course which really like will cover everything in depth suo in that social media many offline marketing many many many strategies so you'll be like by the time you were done with it

if you're not sick of me talking it then you'll be like really good marketing right you know anyway so that's kind of how I wonder how I wanted to kind of briefly talk about how to build links and so I think these strategies are pretty simple there are a ton of like strategies I mean you can build infographics there is just you know you can create a link bait I mean these are

these are you know slightly more advanced strategies for this video I mean and they may or may not work I know the publicity works I know I know that strategy about you know the brute force strategy the brute force strategy that works so I just basically gave you strategies to work sometimes you know the other strategies they may or may not work depending on your business anyway let's move on so I want

to talk about how to build a good page for SEO I've already alluded to a lot of the elements right title keyword rich but not overly spammy title description many times you want to have like three or four h 2 x 1 h1 tag all relative keywords but not stuffing keywords not not too many keywords you know because will expand me to google then you want to have you know the longer the

content and it has to be original content you can just copy it from somewhere so the longer the content the better right so 500 words is ok thousand words is great two thousand words is freaking fantastic right it is basically going to tell Google like you put a lot of work into this page you don't want to like write fewer words like and yes but you want to have actually good content worth

a thousand words right but if you do that and you had rich media maybe videos maybe photos this is a really good candidate page to rake in google and i want to talk about this concept of cornerstone pages like this video because it attempts to cover SEO in such a holistic way and really doing for a lot of value right from the very beginning to some advanced people this is actually considered a cornerstone video

a cornerstone piece of content what that means is it's kind of like a definitive video for a topic or a definitive piece of content for a topic right it covers everything which means that it should really rank for that major term right because it covers everything it's so holistic like the most people will get really great benefit from it because it just covers so much and that's called that strategy is called cornerstone content incidentally

those corner stone content pieces are long like this video is one a blog post that's equivalent would be very long as well and Google likes that they do like that because it looks like you know people spend more time on it people get more benefit out of that there's a lot that's good about these so keep in mind about if you want to tackle big topics like nike shoes you better have a

great great page almost maybe a cornerstone page for nike shoes right so that it really has potential it really does belong in the rain king of the top ten you know for those search results for that competitive term now you already understand how to make everything take your pages rank you know basically on-page SEO with the right keywords links social sharing the users have to behave the right way to signal quality to google

but still google is the google google search itself is probably in the history of mankind if the single most competitive and brutal marketing strategies there is right because everyone who's got a website is competing with you there's millions of these millions and millions right you're competing it you completely against the entire world you're completely against killing and million dollar companies I mean it's hard it's really hard so what do you do what do you

do right I'll tell you I do I actually try to not compete in Google you a good example because we've been talking about search like searches for example Google like we've been using its anonymously search and Google you know that's the only example we've been working on but that's incorrect right that has been incorrect because there's other search engines you might think talking about being you're talking about yeah boo no I'm not I'm actually

talking about how do people find things right they searched ok yelp com how do people find ammo and then we'll only find books and products local services how do you find local services they search sometimes we will but sometimes yelp ok apps how does equal find apps most app discovery happens to search right second is social recommendations podcast how did he go find podcasts well a lot of times they search in the

podcasts they search you know to find relevant podcast world on youtube how did he go find into videos but a lot of the discovery is search right so you can see that almost any side out there almost any type has searched built-in and all of these sites are huge you can get tracking from them that's huge right you're going to get huge amount of traffic so i'll tell you what i did when

i first was building my business my business was to help intrapreneurs it was a business binding mobile app that's the first thing I made I made little android and actually ended up being able to rank that paid that would app for the word business just the word business which is the single most competitive term in the business niche and I was able to bring that not right away but you know it took

me a while but I was number one for a long time I was number one for business plan this is on the Android app app store right I was wrong number one for marketing for business plan things like that right for the word business of course hang out a lot of downloads right now I think there are over six hundred thousand dollars to all together on my android apps but to compare that

I wouldn't have met I would have never even gotten even close to that kind of volume had I only targeted Google right same thing with YouTube I mean I have at the time of this recording may be over a third of a million views it's not the biggest channel in the world or hopefully it will grow exponentially from today on but you know still I get very nice amount of traffic every day

it is grown I'm not exponential e but very rapidly still and a lot of the traffic comes from search right so you see that I'm leveraging other platforms I actually I also sell all nine horses right on a site called you to me a lot of the people find me organically from getting me by just searching you know for the relevant courses right so as you can see I actually target you know

I actually focus far less on google SEO for my own business because I get a far higher return on my investment by are getting other big platforms big sites especially if your products are on it right like i have amazon i have my books on amazon well my products are on there that search is really important for me because as soon as people finally there they find products that they can buy right saying

with the online courses right so anyway so I want you guys to think about how you can need to leverage other platforms to start building your business because every other search engines any other search engine is easier to rank for whatever keywords you want then Google Google is the hardest thing there is right so don't just many first-time marketers they think google google google google and then right away they begin their new bisque

were competing against billion-dollar companies i mean who do you think is going to win right a newbie or billion-dollar company who has a team of professionals who experience competing for a CEO / this new me right I mean it's no time I mean it's like David against Goliath except Goliath wins anyway so that's what you do right and here is the brilliant thing about the strategy of using these big platforms right well even if

your product on them are basically on the site essentially that URL the page where your product is that page is kind of your cage right who's even those on their side the taste on Amazon well if but it's my product on there right so I want people to go there and what happens is I can influence a CEO of Google right you can you can influence google SEO by leveraging these authoritative sites

because the more authoritative a scientist the more likely it will rank right it's something I actually forgot to mention it earlier video is that one of the things that really will help your pages rank is the overall authority of your website and that's measured by the total links and other signals that Google sort of picks up right Google find so you know if you are if I found on my blog my blog

is just a blog right I mean it's fine but it just a blog but it's nowhere near amazon right amazon is one of the most authoritative websites in the world so my product listing on Amazon will naturally have a lot more sort of like Authority right the URLs which list my mobile apps they have a lot of authority in fact if you like this a lot of searchers that people do a Google

for mobile app tools with things like that and the apps the URLs from a mobile apps come up right so I actually really like the strategy of giving your listings on other authoritative site to rank in Google and this way you can dominate the top 10 not just having one thing one page ranking move but having multiple different pages rank in Google so for example let's say that I wanted to let's say for

justin is it for example I wanted to rain for 90 shoes right so we do you list your shoe you know you make you listening to tell you if you can make through this thing when Amazon as a reseller right okay that's one you make your own web page on your site that's true you can make a youtube video with a review of the shoes that's three because youtube videos sometimes also

show up at Google right so that's three then you can maybe I don't know Nicola just you wouldn't do this but let's say you wanted to make an online course about or write a book about nike shoes right well the book listing is number four and the course is number five right so let's say you have five items and you can make a powerpoint bunch of slides and have that online so 60

lb six so you can like there's no limit right you can create a bunch of content and how do you rank that content how do you make that content rank in Google well we've covered it right because you've got all that content it's got the key word it's all on a 32 website you know and your side you're going to link you're going to build links from outside your company your outside your

side from other side into all of these pages right you're going to build and you're going to share on social media all of these pages so that to the point of these are going to start to rank in Google ok and if you've learned enough or you'll get you all of these pages to rank in Google's nike shoes search and you will make a ton of money a ton because it's such

an incredibly it's a very difficult search term but it's an incredibly lucrative search term and because you're going to be ranking there with multiple listings right one listing can be your web page one the thing can be the URL from the amazon one listing can be the youtube video which cells which you know kind of cells your product whatever so you can have multiple listings for this very lucrative term and really just deal

with business from that one page can drive thousands and nine if not tens of thousands of dollars in revenue per month and just that's all right so of course it's very very very hard for that term but for any lesser terms you can certainly do it so that's kind of how I wanted to know structure this is your video I mean you understand now how you can make any page rank but if

you want to you know i'll leave you with some resources i have a full course on this which is like five hundred dollars but the course covers like a ton of material but i'll link to the course with a really steep discount coupon so that it's an online course it's cool a video really insightful stuff i try to really pack a lot of insight SEO social media a lot of stuff i'll have

that in the description of the video and that of course will just teach you how to become a really great marketer I mean if you thought this was insightful you'll be blown away because the course packet has 11 hours of content 11 hours of content of all sorts of different tissues if you can see through it you'll be a fantastic marketer when you're done now if you want my help I'll also leave my

email I mean obviously you know I love to help people for free but I can't help anyone for free because I get so many requests so yeah you know it would be kind of a for-hire fuckin as a consultant I can certainly make a marketing strategy for you your unique business a marketing strategy that will work really well I can do that for you just email me and I'll have my email description

of the video and by the way like this video I always appreciate it a thumbs up I always like to hear from you so if you want to comment leave me a comment tell me which part of the video I love hearing people and I try to respond to a hundred percent of the comments that I see if you have questions if you have comments I missed anything you should confused about something

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I don't know how how long I'll be able to sustain that but guess what there's about seven or 800 videos already so I've been quite able to sustain that for a while so um anyway I hope you enjoyed it I hope you subscribe give me a thumbs up and most importantly I hope you get your page to rank in Google

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