Facebook marketing: 25 strategies to promote a business on Facebook

Facebook marketing: 25 strategies to promote a business on Facebook

"all right we'll do a glue lightning round of 25 ways you can promote your business on Facebook and Twitter some of these I mentioned in my previous videos some of them I have not but um this is going to be really quick I have a list here of 25 things that are very actionable things you can do so I'll go right to them let's get started so the first

thing is um you want to have an event series or you want to think about having workshops or events because they can get you extra revenue and get your extra clients everything you know there's a lot of benefits to them and the Facebook event feature is a good one because you can get people to sign up RSVP to like your stuff to learn about your business all on Facebook so post you know

event marketing isn't limited to Facebook but it's a really nice resource they provide for free with access to a lot of people that can learn about your business ok a lot of times another second number 2 ah you can hold contest for giveaways right and a lot of times those are like you know they're not that great because people just wanna they don't care about your business as much as much as they

want the prize but if you can form your contest or a new way in a way that people get engaged with your business and it attract only your business customers potential customers then it's really good because you can get a lot of people to follow you to like you to share your content and so that new people can find your business so you can like try to leverage events and give ways that

like that especially if you can give away something that's free for you to give away like a digital product or something very cheap so that way there's no cost to you and you can get benefit NEP if it works we can run this contest every month or every week or whatever right number three you want to interlink all your social media accounts right so from your Twitter to Facebook to your Pinterest to your

YouTube to your blog or interlink because you want to get you want people to follow you are more than one platform because the more messages they hear from you the more updates they get first they won't be missing updates right um and second ah people don't always engage on the first time you hear something they need a little bit of bombardment that's why marketing is that's why Jake in general when you see marketing campaigns

like TV commercials they bombard like for months you see the same commercial for years that you see the same commercial that they're trying to get you to eventually eventually you will engage number four what you want to do is always try to get people a little bit off Facebook and Twitter and maybe to your blog or somewhere where you can get their email address because Facebook my who knows what's going to happen twitter

who knows it's going to be around for five in five years but email email is one of the things that has it usually sticks around right people keep emails for many years so get people in people's email that way you can update them whenever something happens whenever you have any product you update yourself and um that we kind of uh it's just going to be another way for you to engage with people

that they can get to know about what you're promoting um five post you can give away just like the contests idea you can give away refer a friend discounts right so if again if you're especially if you have a in it kind of a digital product or if you can give a discount to a physical product you can give that coupon right and give it to both parties the friend and the person

who they're inviting right your customer and the person who they're inviting so the customer is incentive and the new person has incentive and there you just got two customers who may be guy discount meaning you can may still make money from them but you just it they just guys for another customer and then for the future they can pay full price from invite poor people so this is will give you a little bit

of virality which is really important the next thing you want to do number six is you want to create a YouTube channel um YouTube channel is amazing because it will give you first of all you can make money right from YouTube second you can sell products from YouTube but the really cool thing anything people can get to know you right when people see you on video they can get to know you and see

how you are and judge if you're trustworthy or not because if they don't see you on YouTube everything else online is like picture textin they don't get to know you really so YouTube is a good place for people to get to know you but also it's a good place to get a lot of exposure and then you can funnel people to your Facebook Twitter and car promote them but you certainly want to

think about YouTube because there's just so many benefits to it and of course you can post your YouTube content in your Facebook and Twitter updates giving you more reach content and more engaging content and then people share that content on YouTube on Facebook and Twitter and then you get a little bit more amplification and a little bit more new people who learn about your business so YouTube is very powerful the next thing you

want to do 7 is to keyword optimize your you know if you have a Twitter page or a dumb facebook business page your 1 optimize goes for SEO right so people are going to search for like group for something something or page for something something they might find you on Google right they might find your your Twitter or they might find your Facebook on Google when they search um which is really good because

what because you know SEO can drive a lot of people of course the next thing you can do is promote your business from your personal Facebook profile right because a lot of times people kind of make business pages but and they're weary of making their friends seem like they're selling to them right so people don't want to post usually on their Facebook personal accounts but you know for many reasons privacy reasons but um

these are people who will most likely recommend you reshare you we you know help you as they can right because they're your friends they'll be cheering for you for the most part um so I definitely see how you can get people to support you and get engaged with your story get engaged with your business from your personal make it personal you know don't be like sell sell sell but make it personal make people

feel like they're part of it and maybe that will help you leverage your existing friends to help your business um of course if you don't want to have you know create use your personal Facebook Paige what you want to do is create a business page business pages they're okay they're kind of like a nice place where you can post updates and by the way those updates are crawled by Google and so if you

share your links you'll get a little tiny bit of SEO help for your whenever you're promoting or YouTube or SEO page on your site so there's your benefit to that also if your profile is public you also get that SEO benefit if you post stuff on your personal profile but generally you'll be able to build an audience people who like your business page on Facebook for most businesses it's not that easy but if

you can do it you know you can post updates to them and get new people so you don't want you don't want strangers to become your personal friends on Facebook so you really want make sure that your business contacts kind of make become your business contacts on your business page not on your personal page um so you can do that number 10 now um promote other businesses on Facebook other businesses like in

your niche or in your local area cross promote you promote them they promote you easy um you can also 11 um by Facebook Likes now buying Facebook Likes there's two ways right you can buy cheap flights who are like probably bots and like computers and fake accounts just to make your profile or make your business page look like it's prominent like oh this person has a ten thousand or a hundred thousand followers Wow

right people like them Wow right or you can buy likes that are more expensive but are your potential target customers so the people want to learn about your business like you and then maybe do business with you then they go to visit your site and that you can buy likes those likes you can buy right from Facebook because they have a paid feature for likes you know you can buy likes it's not

that cheap but you can actually get these people to become customers so you should if you are selling something that's potentially lucrative buying lights from Facebook might be a really good way to get those people alright next number top you can create a private Facebook group and yeah and charge people to join it or you know even you might not check people to join it but what you might do is kind of use

it use it as like an extra benefit so if your customer is like extra special if you want to have an extra special customer group then what you want to do is invite them to that private group so that it's private it's like all kinds of you know insightful information there that they can somehow use and yeah so private Facebook groups um then you can they can work pretty well um another thing

number thirteen now I'm kind of like too good talking too fast but this is the lightning round of my twenty five ways to promote on Facebook so anyway number thirteen we're just cross the halfway point I guess when I finished number thirteen we will have crossed the half halfway point but anyway there is such a thing in Facebook as using boosted posts which means that if you have a Facebook page or group and

you have an update Facebook doesn't show that post to everybody they will show that post to everybody if you use if you buy a fake boosted post right which is a total ripoff unless that post is effective at selling something lucrative then it's no longer every pub then it works right because you you know spend like ten bucks and you reach a lot of people but one person buy something for twenty bucks it

makes hold it makes all the sense it makes all the difference so using boosted posts is really smart if the thing you're selling um is lucrative right and you see this as a theme if you're selling something that's lucrative you know you can spend 12 retires and your life becomes easier okay moving on so now we have crossed that halfway point number fourteen um alright so you want to print when you network and you

network with business and we network in person at event and you give away business cards prove your Twitter and your Facebook URLs on the business cards so people can follow you right it's easy right next time you print business cards you know name phone number all that stuff but you know now it's like you know in the modern era put your to put Twitter and Facebook there as well all right number fifteen fifteen

is a little bit out of the ordinary unusual in this list but it's um you know there is I always recommend this website radio guest list comm I use them they don't pay me to advertise them I just like them but what they do is you can get on the radio you can get on radio like podcasts real you know actual traditional radio stuff like that and what you want to do when

you have AB listen is this is essentially publicity and um you want to tell people at the end of the show how they can reach you say oh I love hearing people you can email me attention such address follow me on Twitter as - such address on Facebook and such and such right that will amplify your social followings a little bit number sixteen is very similar but non radio but blogs news publications things

like that and that's Haro har Oh help a reporter out and it's the URL for them is help a reporter calm yeah and same thing we're regular guest places for the radio Jarro is for written publications also you'll get a little bit publicity and also uh whenever you get publicity find all those people to email you give you their email address and engage with you on Twitter and Facebook and stuff like that so

that's how you can also increase your social following right seventeen very very very important point use hashtags whenever possible okay I try to use hashtags all the time because hashtags they're not gonna like make or break your business but you can influence new discovery of like new people will discover your business and you know it's not like a lot of people are gonna discover your business it's some you're gonna get some reshoring um but

why not you know why not get that um you know so I always use like my hashtags obviously I do work with small businesses and help entrepreneurs so my hashtag would be intrapreneur SMB you know small and medium sized business startups right those are my hashtag of marketing but it might be something for you buy me something else and I use that and it's pretty successful like um the really good thing about

them is that not only will they get you a little boost maybe go get a couple couple extra people clicking on your stuff okay okay but what I really like about hashtags is that that extra little spread that extra little sharing my influence the SEO of the link you are posting in your update in your spray you get that and if you get that is your boost put you know if you a

little bit of SEO and let's say you rank a little higher for something whatever you're promoting that can get you customers like long term so that's really why I like hashtags because that they can influence a little bit of extra sharing but you don't know sometimes that little extra share you can really put you over the top and get you to rank for SEO because that's really my like when I do it

that's really my strategy um um 18 I've already talked about a number of ways to use Facebook's paid marketing generally you can also target people interests hobbies age where they live their education their income very detail probably you know Google Google's AdWords targeting is different it works in a different way but Facebook's targeting is also very good in Twitter I'm just now starting to use Twitter experimental Twitter's paid system and their targeting is also

very good so so they can get they can push you in front of a lot of people for your potential customers but again you must be selling something lucrative because you've got to show something to people like a hundred different people maybe to get a one or a couple of sales so you've got an issue that the people that you're throwing this it's affordable for you right and it's cheaper than affordable in this

case means that the cost is cheaper than what you get out from your sales so make sure that math works out and then you can promote you know then in facebook paid marketing really make sense a lot of people get turned off from paid marketing but you got a lucrative product paid marketing be a huge fan of yours anyway number 19 um this is a good one ah you want to always mention

and Twitter and Facebook people by name and you can mention anyone by name but in always flattering be flattering be good um and what that's going to happen is they'll see that update right and they will retweet and we share so that will also get you another way to get amplified which which is a really smart thing to do because again you get exposure to all their followers but also it's for some SEO

so this is really smart thing to do and the more you can do this to people who are prominent right we have a big following the better all right all right number 20 okay number 20 is more like a longer-term thing um number 20 number 20 is more of a longer-term thing what you want to do is position yourself as an expert in something yeah so if you have like go buy my

thing no it's more like hey I am I am posting insightful things you should listen to me because I know what I'm talking about and learn from me and you learn people follow you they learn from you it's a different relationship right they see you as someone who's been helped in them I'm somebody who knows what they're talking about and then when you're selling something guess what the you you're seen as more of

an authoritative person they already trust you a little bit and then sales will happen at a more frequent rate because of the trust that you built up over time that trust that you are next put the trust that you're not going to rip them off all that kind of stuff but they already learn from you they haven't they like you right so you wanna do that you wanna you wanna do is use

use use social media in general to build yourself up as an expert in your niche okay all right so um 21 you want to UM join facebook groups sorry losing my voice uh you want to join facebook groups um for things like you know different marketing groups different uh business groups that are closed the kind of businesses around right so for example when I started a podcast which my podcast podcast was not successful but

um it was an experiment but when I was starting I joined a podcasting group and oh my god was that helpful if they had like hundreds and hundreds of successful podcasters they're saying would I read Kindle book I joined the Kindle book Facebook group it was so helpful from day one because there's people they're professionals they're in the same boat as you are they understand what you're going through they'll be able to help

you she definitely want to find and seek out groups all the time like right now I'm looking for YouTube group and if and if anyone knows one a helpful one I'm looking for it please let me know um alright number 22 uh you want to make good social media updates okay good good posts get more engagement what's a good post your title has to be engaging right the comment you Ryan has to

be very engaging the usual you use and you should learn about how to write engaging headlines but the visuals you use um they also have to be very engaging because Facebook is all about and Twitter to a degree as well it's all about uh visuals right people like browsing pictures they don't like they don't like reading a whole um you know because I won't get into details of why that's the case but it's the

case so your picture has to be compelling and by the way when you post something okay the way facebook does it is they show in dick font the title of that article and then smaller font your comment on it so you get two chances of the head for the headline right so use those um engaging visuals great titles that get people to engage okay learn how to get like it out of

the scope of this video to learn how to get create write titles that engage people but it's a gigantic topic you will benefit you for the rest of your career you got to learn this alright 23:23 I really like there is a wordpress plugin so if you have a wordpress site you can use this it's called revive old posts and what it does is it literally um goes to your blog and goes

through your old blog post and automatically tweets them and share them on Facebook which revised them a little bit gives them a little bit of extra sharing gives them a little bit of extra life and that would help them keep with will help to keep those blog posts fresh for SEO so it's really a way to use WordPress to you to automatically use your so your social media networks write on Twitter and

Facebook to actually help your SEO it's really really a nice thing to do okay the next thing you want to do is engage in longer so this is 24 you want to engage in longer comment threads and um people people's comments will have large followings why because a lot of people will see the comment will see the posts and the comments underneath right and you'll be one of them so it's one of the

ways to get people to find you and of course make insightful comments so that you know not too long but smart so that people read it and then they'll be like they'll click on you they'll see what you're all about and they can discover your business and 25 of course you want to be always funny and as much as possible because social media is inert is really about entertainment even if you're doing

something serious people like you know drugs they like to feel nice they like to be entertained everything it's nicer to take content in when it's less serious right so be um finding and entertaining a lot of times can really help and you can get people to feel more positive towards you okay we did 25 now a bonus ok bonus you didn't expect that there was a bonus huh ah anyway bonus is you

want to be extraordinary okay the only boring in things you do because extraordinary if you're ordinary you stand out if you turned out you'll get more engagement to get more people clicking in your stuff you'll get more publicity you'll get more of everything because you'll be just a little bit more interesting in general right so stand out don't be bland find a way to be unique and extraordinary you wanna that you one another another

second bonus okay I'll give you your second bonus this is 27 now um always always always use cat pictures in your social media updates it's the hidden secret so every company's success I'm just kidding but you know 10 pictures people love them cute animals I don't know maybe don't do it that was just a joke okay anyway that was a lot of Facebook tips I'm tired of talking you're probably tired of listening let's

end it here

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Facebook marketing: 25 strategies to promote a business on Facebook""all right we'll do a glue lightning round of 25 ways you can promote your business on Facebook and Twitter some of these I mentioned in my previous videos some of them I have not but um this is going to be really quick I have a list here of 25 things that are very actionable things you...