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Hey guys this is Aidan car from banica maconie net hope everybody is keeping well I am very excited today to make you this video because i have not my brand new car stay on warrior + called easy pie so this course and what is going to show you is how a full-time geography teacher that is what I am I I have a full-time geography and history teacher how more

job a few hours this year well I am a full-time job three teacher and I'm going to show you in this new training how I generate a hundred and forty two dollars per day in my spare time I work part time online and I want to teach you how you can do the same so if you're watching this you're brand new online and you're working a full-time job and you're trying to

supplement your income or maybe you're working online full time at home guys I want to show you today how a full-time job every teacher is making this kind of money on a daily basis so guys everything that you're going to see I'm going to scroll down here in a second i'm going to show you preview of the sales page exactly what you're going to see when you click the button below this video

all the income proof you're going to see guys is real ok this is hundreds images and then the money that's made in the training guys is a hundred percent wheel and you will see that inside as well so and when you check the sales page guys you see the headline here and this is all a reference to me i'll have a sales video here I'll just explain a little bit more about the

course and the price of my easy pi coresight it's batting at seven dollars there's gonna be an early bird price freeze for the first couple of hours you can pick it up at the cheapest price possible and if you take action right now um but I the whole sort of angle i'm going with this guy is because i am a product creator and I i do get access to a lot of

products out there guys and there's so many large in the daily basis I just have some don't work and I want to put something out there that actually does and i'm actually using myself so i want you to forget all this push-button sort of methods that your problem still want to seek make your results overnight I want to show you method that actually works for me so all in control theory I didn't see

my name Aidan cooperate is my warrior plus affiliate account and you can see some of the screenshots here that I'm making in total guys over the last couple of months from the first to january 2017 this boat the screenshot the 24 the march you can see here i made over two and a half thousand dollars with the easy pi matted don't want to show you inside the course so this is all real income

proof guys from my affiliate councilman warrior plus j BG will counsel please do look at them re true this sales page and again i'll just tell you a little bit more about so don't want to spend too long showing up income group guys because i want to i want you to just see the value of what this course is going to teach you how to do so ok so just let me

scroll down here so what i want to show you in this training guys it's all over the shoulder video training I just want to emphasize that you do not need experienced past experiences I take you from day 0 so if you really came online for the first time not the way I approach this training and I guide you to the steps you need to take to actually implement the implement the easy pie

medical so this is so noble friendly to step by step over the shoulder training and again if you apply this going straight away within a week or two you can start seeing results very very quickly and that's that I can promise you but you must take action on it you can't just let this sort dos gather on your desktop and not apply this training so I want to show you the simple steps

that you need to get started from a day 0 if your brand new alliance the first time I'm going to show you how to make a consistent income screen income consistent income stream in your spare time leveraging one of the most powerful free traffic methods out there so yeah as I mentioned guys this or the name easy pie came from I'm going to make this free traffic method easy as pie for you to

actually start generating a hundred-dollar paydays so I have testimonials from this guy's name stephen daly from he's from Scotland Sonya Harrison's from the UK this is a young John I hope as a job name right he is from Germany and these are people guys have gone through the course is applied it themselves I just listen to what they have to say these are real people these are I haven't paid these guys to make

testimonials a given them review access to the training the gone shoes they are beta testers always and obviously just listening to the feedback in the experience that they've had and so guys the results here are all real and yeah so I'm really really excited guys and I've got some fantastic fantastic bonuses for you as well so the first moments i'm giving away is my four thousand dollar case study that i generated four thousand

dollars in seven days i'll give you a full walkthrough how I did that then I have another bonus for you where how I show you how it generated a thousand dollars in the next 24 hours and then a tard bonus here called click rate profits so I've got some awesome fast-acting fast action bonuses for you as well today and you can check them out down here just a description of what they are

it bit more detail so like all my products guys I have a tourney day money-back guarantee if you're not satisfied the product please do not open paypal suits please contact me first be respectful just explained why you you are difficulty but of course or what what the problem is and i will refund you if it's within the 30 day money back guarantee so I promise you that and so let's the sales page three

of you guys going guys I don't even talk today so it's very label i'm making this video but we've got over a thousand dollars worth reaction bonuses the long guys so and your for today because seven dollars it's just yeah i'm giving a lot of value away people who tell me a bit crazy for silence at this price but i want to give people as much value and the opportunities that I

had as well and just for people see results and just follow the methods right so let's get into the actual course itself so this is the actual front end offer and when you purchase ed pipe and you'll see inside the members area there will be a video for myself and if you missed any upgrades for whatever reason you can access them here so step one guys I want to ask you to add

me on Facebook of you over an hour face friend of this but already and step two you can join my product private Facebook mastermind group there's lots of cool content and extra resources they're so a video one any guys is my introduction or just an overview of the course of how the method actually works how the easy climb at it works and video won't be I'm going to show you how to brand your

business and social media accounts to make obvious your your brand and your business as professional as possible video 2 is picking an offer and getting approved getting approved for high affiliates of high converting affiliate offers it's not making a lot of affiliate commissions in the future i'm going to show you to review a product in detail i'll leave you a live example of one that i did and then i'll show you it so

the squeeze pages which is really important as well I don't worry if you're not technical at all guys I do a full walkthrough how to setup a squeeze page in these videos here I'll show you how to upload up load and rank your video onto youtube on the first page of the YouTube and Google goes through your videos I promise you when you start making them are going to be seen video six

want to show the build trust with your followers guys because people buy from who they like no on trust and i want to show you exactly how to develop a relationship with your followers and how they will become repeat customers and let me give you money over and over again so that's a really cool video video 7 i'm going to show you the results of using the easy pie method and the last

video i'm going to show you how to actually build a targeted list super fast my mystery the best method that I know that I that I'm doing actually build a tag the list as fast as possible so and then given access your bonuses guide as I showed you in the sales page earlier and there are some unknown announced bonuses as well so i will keep secret for a moment you'll have to access

them when you buy the course so ton of value in here guys that's the front end offer that's the easy pike orse how its laid out how its structured in terms of the otiose guys and there are otiose the oto one-on-ones going to go through them with you were very very quickly and the oto one is a live case study where you watch me make money live with the easy climb at

it and how i go about setting up simple campaigns that generate me over one hundred forty dollars each time so and that's divided up into different parts here you can see here this the upgraded training just six different parts here I've got some downloads copy and slightly emails if examples of Facebook lives I do not literally drive hot red hot Perry the traffic to affiliate offers and you see me make the money guys in

these videos in front of your eyes so that old co long guys complements the front end offer so so well if you want to see result even faster guys a highly encourage you to pick that up this is being this is priced at $27 and so that's the first OTO still till one is the life case study training where you watch me make money live with the easy way method and I was

not saying it will make many morning with the front end offer but this is just again a fast track training if you want to see results quicker guys I highly encourage you to pick up that training as well as gone it's going to really really take you to the next level in terms of watching at life how I do these simple campaigns and step by step add the OTO to offer geysers price

of forty seven dollars what this sort of all children offer you is the resellers license from my whole easy Pike course so you don't own your own digital product and I'll explain a little bit about that the court how important it is to start branding yourself and launching your own trainings but if you do not comfortable doing that and you don't have the time I am offering you to promote or literally have my

product and you can sell it and keep a hundred percent of the profits so what you're getting you can actually get resellers license for the easy pie front-end offer and all the otiose OTO 1 and 0 T 0 to win in my phone and you keep hundred percent commission so you literally have your own training that you can promote you don't need to pay money for a designer or people to do their

sales letter you just take mine I've invested I've created for you I know it works I know what converts and you sell it and you keep one hundred percent of the profits so there's a plastic opportunity going to actually have your own training and you only have to create it so that's priced at a forty seven dollars so that's an absolute steal as well and then the last one guys I'm very very

excited is my OTO tree offer where I'm offering one-on-one coaching I've had a lot of people ask me when I was going start doing coaching well I'm going to start doing it now guys as a as the first time I part of this one-time offer I'm going to offer my services as a coach so I'm very very excited about that so when you access the OTO training this is this you pay pay

for one skype call which is one hundred ninety seven dollars which is ridiculous Eve for coaching guys I paid thousands of dollars for coaching one-on-one coaching I am charging 197 dollars so its body one and you get three extra calls free so you getting for one-on-one coaching sessions with me or plan out everything in what would be one on one will get your roadmap guys you're going to be using me as an example

so that's that I'm really really excited about guys so yeah yeah you're getting you're getting four calls for the price of one with that so I just don't think there's any coaching out there that's going away that cheap and you're getting all my experience everything that I've accumulated over the last couple years and yeah Mel one of the top 5% affiliates and warrior plus and yeah I'm again I can help you get the

level that I'm at and work with you so I'm really really excited about that in this is a fantastic opportunity so and that's it guys I'll just show you the pricing of the phone oh so you just have a clear idea in your in your head of what it actually looks like there will be some down cells as well might as well mention them to you just so you have an idea because

everyone's budget different so i just want to show you the photo here so again the front-end offer easy pies got like seven dollars which is again people been given out to me for personal and so cheap the OTO one is priced at $27 the case studies we watch me make money life and i show you like how i made one hundred forty four dollars at the oto to is the resellers license

price to forty seven dollars and the OTO tree which is my coaching guys and four for coaching calls for Joe Saunders for one hundred ninety seven dollars there are downsides on the OTO 1 and 0 t 0 2 but again you're getting only the basic training and the full amount so i highly encourage you to opt in and get the photo tools here guys so because yeah you're you're not getting the fold the

full value here if you want for themselves so that's the following guys that's it in a nutshell I really am looking forward to guiding you through a DZ pi course when you pick it up so highly encourage you to click the button below now get access to us and I will see you inside the members area so thank you very very much again guys for checking out this video I probably gone a

bit long in the show but I just want to give you a full walkthrough what what this follow was like and what you can expect from the training so this is one of the best trainers that i put together guys i'm really really excited to help you and move on and progress in your business and if you have any questions please do reach out to me so click about now guys check

out the bonuses that i've mentioned below as well and i will see you inside the members area of easy so cheers guys are not half decent pie


 CLICK HERE To See The Bonuses I'm Offering. Hey guys this is Aidan car from banica maconie net hope everybody is keeping well I am very excited today to make you this video because i have not my brand new car stay on warrior + called easy pie so this course and what is going to show you is how a full-time geography teacher that is what I am I I have a full-time geography and history teacher how morejob a few...