Marketing Tip of the Week: Social Media Platforms

Hi there and thanks for tuning in again this week to your Marketing Tip of the Week! This week's conversation is all about, "What platform do I use to market my business?" The social media world has grown and there are multiple platforms that you can pick from, the top being Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn and YouTube Those are the five that we see the most

Snapchat is out there but not much of a marketing tool yet, so if you're looking at how do I choose which marketing platforms to focus on for my business, let's break them down for you First is, don't spread your budget too thin If you only have $1,500 or less a month to play with, keep it on one platform and just do a really, really great job on that platform until you start to see the return on investment that you will see inevitably, and you can invest in other platforms properly What I see a lot is people spread their budget too thin and they're not doing really well on any platform and that doesn't do anyone any good For local businesses, if you're a B2C, business to consumer business and you are a local business, so you're not servicing a large geographic region, you're gonna want to focus on Facebook because that's gonna keep your your ads and your content to within a specific geographic region

If you are a B2C business and you do not have geographic restrictions, meaning you can probably sell online, you have an e-commerce product, Instagram is absolutely fantastic Facebook owns Instagram, so they're using the same type of ad software, top of the line, if you ask me, maybe I'm biased – but, hey But that's going to be able to open up your product Instagram users, only about 30% of them are from the United States, so if you are not restricted by geographic, definitely get on Instagram and start getting out there because you'll be able to convert quite highly if you do that accurately LinkedIn, what we are seeing this is doing really, really good for B2B businesses it's not to say that B2C doesn't see any traction on LinkedIn but definitely B2B

you should be focusing on LinkedIn, you need to have a strategy there YouTube – everyone should really have a YouTube channel at this point If you don't have a YouTube channel, you need to go create one and you need to create lots and lots and lots of video content because that is a type of content that people like to consume Look at you, right now, consuming video content You love it, don't you? Yes, you do

So get out there make a YouTube channel and start looking at your video strategy What kind of videos can you create that's really gonna engage your consumer? And finally, Pinterest Pinterest has really made a lot of traction this year and their ideal clientele is mothers It's really mothers between the age of like 25 and 40 they love Pinterest, so it's a great place to really start to capture your demographic if that's what you're looking for, that is where I be spending my time and my budget So, I hope this has been helpful

If you have questions or you need help or you need guidance, never be afraid to reach out to us We are really nice We don't bite and we love to make new friends You can visit us online at wwwBiQiMarketing

com and we'll see you again next week for your Marketing Tip of the Week Have a wonderful week and a great 4thof July holiday!

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